Welcome to SFOpenHouseMap.com

I created this site when I realized that if you were in the market for a house and you wanted to make sure you hit all of the available open houses, you had to search several different sites on the Internet to find them all. Classifieds sites, craigslist, individual realtor websites, etc. I thought it would be a lot easier if there was one site that aggregated all of the available open house information from these disparate sources in one easy-to-use interface. And what interface would be easier to use than Google Maps?

This site is new and might contain a bug here or there. Please feel free to send me any feedback on the site, good or bad.

This project was somewhat inspired and heavily influenced by the very clever housingmaps.com, which is also a very useful site for someone in the market for a house.

Special thanks to Google for providing developers with fantastic tools like the Google Maps API.

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